4 reasons to add a phone number to your Weebly website

We're excited to partner with Weebly and have Nick Dellis, VP of Business Development as a guest author on our blog. Thanks Nick (@Nick_Dellis)! 

At Weebly, we’re passionate about providing you the opportunity to create, build and sell online with easy, high-quality solutions. To help you reach your business potential in no time, we’ve partnered with Dialpad. Dialpad enables a business phone system for your Weebly website so you can easily organize customer contacts and manage calls from your smartphone or computer.

Did you know that almost half the people that come to your website are likely to explore other brands if they don’t see a phone number? Here’s how having a Dialpad business phone number on your website can help you establish stronger business relationships with your clients:

Get organized: A business phone number lets you separate business and personal life by giving you an effective means to organize your business and look more professional. Integrating Dialpad into your Weebly website, you can create departments, choose your business hours, manage your contacts and view contact history during your calls. Think of it as getting a mini CRM for a fraction of the cost.

Establish your business identity: Having your information readily available can add instant credibility to what can often feel like an impersonal online experience. 27% of customers in the U.S. are less trusting of a company if they aren’t callable. One of the greatest benefits for including a business phone number on your website is that it builds a connection between your audience and your brand so you can increase traffic as well as sign ups.

Reduce cart abandonment: Calls are an important mobile conversion path. A noteworthy 61% of consumers find it extremely important to be able to call the business during each phase of the decision-making process. For many people looking to complete online transactions, a phone number is simply an anxiety reducer. With a Dialpad business number on your Weebly website, customers can contact you at any time and feel confident that they will get the answers they need to finalize a purchase.

Learn from customer insight: Having a phone number is a great opportunity to get feedback and improve your website. Customers can give you great clues as to what’s not clear, ask questions you didn’t even think about and they’ll tell you what they thought your product did. The insights you can get from these super-valuable conversations may not always be available with email, because it takes longer to write things out than simply pick up the phone. By learning what to fix, you can increase conversion rates and impact your bottom-line over time.

With your website and business phone system in one place, it’s so much easier to manage work. Now, you can integrate Dialpad directly into your Weebly website, following these simple steps:

Go to the Weebly App Marketplace and search for Dialpad. Click ‘Add’

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.01.53 AM.png

When prompted, select the site you want to add Dialpad to and connect your Dialpad account to your Weebly account

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 9.02.06 AM.png

Purchase Dialpad at switch.co/weebly

Visit your Weebly editor, find Dialpad under ‘Apps’ in the Element sidebar and drag and drop the ‘business phone’ icon to personalize your settings!


About the author: Nick Dellis (@Nick_Dellis) is VP of business development at Weebly, the website builder that's given over 30 million people around the world the freedom to create a beautiful website, blog or online store. Nick is a proud Australian (who moved to New York in 2004) and enjoys the challenge of taking high potential Internet companies to the next level.

Dialpad is the phone system designed for the way you work