Celebrating Diversity at Dialpad


At Dialpad, we live by a set of core values including “do the right thing” and “love for one another.” We strive to embody these values in every aspect of our business and use them to foster a culture of diversity and inclusion, where every employee feels a sense of belonging. 

One of the most important ways we do this is by continually sharing ideas and learning from each other’s diverse experiences as people. We celebrate and embrace our unique cultural, gender and political identities, believing that these very differences are what help us thrive in a high growth environment of risk-taking and innovation. It’s why many of us consider Dialpad a second family; one with no judgment, just a family that stands together through the tough times and works toward our shared goal of being the best team building the best product we possibly can. 

As a senior member of the HR team I know I speak for all when I say we’re incredibly proud to support and recognize our diverse Dialpad family. We're committed to ensuring inclusivity for all employees, not just during Pride month but always. And we’re excited by the growth ahead that will bring aboard even more unique perspectives and personalities.

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