Save time with UberConference and HubSpot

Today we’re excited to announce an efficient, new timesaving tool for joint customers of Hubspot and UberConference. Here at UberConference, we know that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That means while a good tool is easy to use on its own, another tool that is tightly integrated can add a solid multiplier effect.

When the founding team set out to build UberConference, they did so with the intention of making conference calls as painless as possible by eliminating many of the common annoyances we’ve all experienced. Remember the technology illiterate latecomer who couldn’t figure out how to use the dial in and access code or the guy asking who joined the call every five seconds? Oh, and there’s always that one person who hasn’t launched the screen sharing client for a few weeks and needs to update.

It’s not surprising that nearly one-third of salespeople don’t use their company provided tools for conference calling due to poor user experience or wasting time that could’ve been spent being more productive. Time-wasting is not to be taken lightly as innocuous wastes of time can have serious financial implications for your business. Workers who waste time attending unproductive meetings can cost businesses more than $130 billion a year.

Despite this, every day employees use inefficient tools and waste valuable time on tasks that could be easier, faster, and done with less friction given the right solution. The best salespeople, however, know that success is deeply ingrained with the ability to make sound decisions on where to spend their time. Dialpads' Sales Manager, Stephanie Graves agrees. When I asked her what the most common mistake that new sales reps made was she responded: “figuring out how to maximize the use of their time, whether it’s using inefficient processes or chasing unqualified leads, time management is the biggest thing we have to coach people on when they start out in sales.”

We’ve made it easier to manage your time with the HubSpot-UberConference integration. Now instead of trying to juggle multiple tasks at once, you can use a single window to launch the app and schedule the conference. No more endless info copying or emailing contacts to start a meeting.

Are you ready to stop fiddling with tedious and inefficient conferencing tools? Add UberConference to your Hubspot CRM and start making better use of your time with HubSpot’s UberConference integration. Start closing more sales today.

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