Feature highlight: screen sharing with UberConference

With mobility and remote working on the rise, companies everywhere are looking to gain a competitive edge by allowing teams to collaborate effortlessly—as if they were in the same room.

Whether it’s waiting 10 minutes for people to join by entering access codes, or figuring out complicated screen share settings, UberConference’s intuitive design eliminates the dreaded technical difficulties we’ve grown accustomed to during a regular conference call. Using WebRTC technology, UberConference calls can be joined right from your browser, without having to download or install a client. 

In addition to being able to share documents, conference participants using Chrome have the option to share their entire screen or a specific tab. The screen share presentation can be viewed from any browser. 

To share your screen instantly, just click the Share button on the bottom left of the UberConference interface. 

Screen sharing is just one of the many features on UberConference that simplifies your conference calls to make your experience seamless and your meetings more productive.  

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