Collaborate better with these new UberConference updates

To help you exchange ideas instantly, work together proactively, and connect seamlessly, we’re working on improving screen sharing and making adjustments to our interface. Here are some recent UberConference updates we’ve made based on your feedback to ensure work collaboration is stress and friction free. With a new toolbar, we’ve made it easy to follow the conversation. 

Know when you’re on mute: The toolbar update makes it easy to see if you’re muted during meetings so you don’t have to worry about being un-muted without noticing.  A new quick access menu that pops up only during a screen share allows you to see whether you’re on mute so you can toggle between both the conference and the screen sharing views. Simply unmute yourself when it’s your turn to speak.  

Manage speaker activity: If you’re on a conference call, it can be hard to follow who’s contributing to the conversation. We’ve revamped our interface with a new "who's speaking" section so you know who’s currently speaking or who spoke previously. Active speakers are highlighted on your screen eliminating the need to scroll up and down a list of participants.  


Through improvements and updates we are striving to become integral to your unified communication needs. Offering you the flexibility and mobility you need for a more collaborative workforce, UberConference is the simplest way to set up productive meetings with your team. Stay tuned for more updates! 

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