How AODocs uses custom IVR to connect a global team

Today, we’re excited to highlight one of our Switch customers—AODocs, a company that enhances Google Apps by turning Google Drive into an enterprise file server and document management platform. The global SaaS company serves more than 1,100,000 users across 75 countries, with customers in industries from agriculture to banking.

With offices in the US and Europe, the team at AODocs uses Switch to not only collaborate with remote co-workers, but to connect customers to support, and prospects to sales reps. They also have over 100 reseller partners that work closely with AODocs customers on implementation and support. Finding a phone system that enabled seamless communication between colleagues, partners, and customers was important to the AODocs executive team.

“Moving to Switch was an easy decision for us. In the same way AODocs enhances Google for Work, Switch gives companies on Google Apps a cloud-based voice solution to compliment their cloud email, calendar, and file storage,” says AODocs CEO Stéphane Donzé. “The simplicity of being able to manage our phone system for all of our offices in one web interface and (without IT training), has saved us countless time and thousands of dollars.”

With a globally distributed workforce, AODocs uses the Switch IVR to route calls to departments, partners, and individual team members, regardless of the devices they’re using or where they’re physically located. For the AODocs employees who are constantly traveling and on-the-go, calls can be placed and received from a business number that rings their personal devices.

Particularly for the sales team, calls to the sales line are forwarded to whichever devices are connected to Switch and simultaneously ring the reps on their mobile phones. This feature also allows AODocs to provide 24-hour support between their offices in Europe and the U.S.  

“With a few selections in a dropdown menu, we had our entire phone system set up in ten minutes—complete with an IVR, departments, and operators for each department,” explained Stéphane. “With Switch, we are a global team operating as if we were sitting in an office together, 50 hours a week.”

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