Customize your office with the new Switch Room Phones

At Switch, we are constantly building tools to improve the way your team communicates at work. With each new feature we add, we want to make sure you are fully equipped with all of the capabilities you want your employees to have so that they can work better.

Many of you have teams that work in offices with shared spaces, like lobbies, reception areas, phone booths, and conference rooms, and you need a simple way to make and receive calls from those places.  

That’s what the new Switch Room Phones are for.  

You can now configure a Switch OBi phone for shared use anywhere—another way Switch gives your team the flexibility to set up your office the way you want.

Room Phones are not associated with a Switch user account and do not need to be tied to a Google Apps for Work account. They’ll get their own number and can be managed through your admin portal. Admins also have the ability to choose a Room Phone’s outgoing ID to ensure that any returned call will get funneled to the right department, person, or mainline.

*Room Phones only work on the OBi for Switch desk phones and adapters.

Here’s how to get set up:

Go to ‘Office Settings’ in your admin portal, then ‘Room Phones’. Click add Room Phone.

From there, follow the quick prompts to provision your phone. (A Room Phone account costs $15/month, plus additional taxes and fees)

After provisioning, you’re all set!

To learn more about Switch Room Phones, visit our Switch help center. Or, if you want to try Switch for free for 14-days, you can sign up here


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