Transfer to a non-Switch number, a better porting status page, and more

In the last week, we’ve released some useful new updates for the Switch Chrome app on your desktop. These enhancements include a few of the top requests we’ve been hearing from our customers lately, and they’re going to make your Switch desktop experience that much better.

Transfer to a non-Switch number

How many times have you accidentally hung up on a person while trying to transfer a call? One-click call transferring with Switch makes it simple (and a lot less embarrassing). Switch users now have the ability to transfer calls to anyone, even if they’re outside of your organization. Do you work with partners or have a remote support team? Transfer customers over to them seamlessly with the Chrome desktop app.

Redesigned incoming call notifications

If you’ve connected your LinkedIn account, we’ll now automatically display your contact’s  LinkedIn information.

Additionally, when you’re busy, we’ve made it easier to listen to voicemails while they’re being recorded or reply with a message to handle incoming calls in a way that doesn’t interrupt your workflow.

Vanity numbers in the Switch dialer

You can now copy and paste vanity numbers into the Chrome app dialer and simply hit enter to call. For example, you may want to call 1-800-I-FLY-SWA to book your business travel, 1-800-FLOWERS to order your co-worker some flowers for her birthday, or 844-9-SWITCH to add more seats to your Switch account.

Better Number Porting Status Page  

We’ve moved number porting status information over to the Admin section of your Switch admin portal. It’s a better view, where you can easily see a list of all of the names, phone numbers, and status updates for each port request you’ve submitted.

Let us know what you think of these improvements. Share your feedback and follow us on Twitter: @switchco

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