Android for Work + Switch at Google I/O

In the spirit of all things Android, we’re excited to be a part of Android for Work at Google I/O this week, demoing Switch on the Android for Work platform. Together, Switch and Android for Work let workers use their smartphone as both their personal device and their business device, securely and seamlessly.

Android for Work gives users a dedicated business profile, managed by IT and complete with productivity apps for work, like Gmail, Drive, and Switch. Business data is kept separate from the personal data on a user’s phone. IT isn’t worried about data security or compliance issues and employees don’t feel overburdened by corporate security apps. When an employee leaves, IT simply wipes the Android for Work business profile and the employee’s personal device and data remains untouched.

Switch provides a business phone number for the Android for Work platform. For example, if you’re reading an email from your work profile on Android and want to call the sender, with Switch, you can click-to-call from your business number, and the receiving party will see your business caller ID. During the call, you can access secure Google Emails, Docs, and Calendar events for context.  

With 85% of employees using their personal devices for business, Switch is helping to bring the power of Android to the workplace. If you’re Going to I/O, stop by and see Switch and Android for Work in action.

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