The new Switch Android app 1.70

In a given week, we do work from all over the place—taking business calls from just about anywhere.

Switch is one of the few business phone systems built from the ground up with mobility in mind. It allows you to do everything you would need to do with a physical phone at your desk, but on your personal device from anywhere. We’ve put a ton of thought into the design and functionality of our mobile apps, and we’re constantly improving them to make it even easier to handle important business calls from wherever you are.

Here are some of our favorite new (and not so new) Switch Android app features:  

Choose your outgoing Caller ID

The Switch app gives you the option to determine which Caller ID you want to display when you place a call from your Android app. You can use your Switch number, your personal cell number, or be asked to choose each time you dial out. We’ve also added the ability to edit those settings once you’ve made them. Another way to easily manage your personal life and business life from one device.

Department level do not disturb

Just like in the Switch Chrome app, you can now set departments you operate to Do Not Disturb mode from Android. If you are busy in a meeting or eating lunch, set the department to DND and any incoming calls to that department will ring the other operators or go straight to voicemail.

Search for and call a room phone

Just a few weeks ago, we released Switch Room phones for shared use in spaces like conference rooms, lobbies, reception areas, and phone booths. Now, you’re able to search for the name of your company’s room phones and call them from your Android device.

Switch calls between devices

Your conversations can move from one device to another without interruption. Did you take a call on your desktop as you were heading out of the office? No worries. Switch it to your Android and finish your conversation from the car. A classic Switch feature, but so good we had to mention it.

You can get the Android update here. Happy calling!

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