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As a startup, Switch can help get your businesses up and running smoothly and efficiently with a cloud-based business phone system that gives prospects a dedicated sales line, existing customers a way to get in touch with support, and remote coworkers a way to easily connect.

Keep reading to hear how Switch has enabled some of our startup customers to work more productively, while supporting them as their businesses grow.

Justin R Key - Attorney and Owner, Key Law Group  

Key Law Group is based out of Louisville with offices in both Kentucky and Indiana, focusing its practice in divorce and family court litigation. Dedicated to providing key legal services to individuals and families going through their most difficult times, the attorneys at Key Law are on the front lines—constantly communicating with clients over the phone, text messages, and email. The firm uses Google Apps for Work, and found Switch for their voice option to complete the package.

Ditching hardware for the cloud

Key Law Group was looking to transition from hardware-based Ooma office to a more unified communications platform that operates in the cloud and works across mobile. “Ooma didn’t play nice with our internet. It had it’s own router and piece of equipment coming off of our modem,” said Justin.

As a small, mobile firm, Justin and his team often work remotely and use their personal cell phones for business. Switch allowed them to port over their existing company main line and get lines for each member of the team, so they could take care of business from anywhere and on any device.

A phone system to compliment team workflow

Justin and his team use Google Apps to run their email, share documents, and collaborate. Before Switch, their existing phone system wasn’t modern, didn’t feel fluid, and wasn’t integrated with Google Apps. With the Switch mobile and Chrome apps, they found a much more modern way to interact with the phone’s interface, and it fit right in as a key component to Google Apps.

Check out Justin’s review of Switch for more details.

Chris Rothstein - Co-Founder, Groove

Groove is a startup that helps sales teams better understand what’s working by bringing Salesforce data (like which reps are sending the most emails and creating the most calendar events) directly into a team's other sales tools. By connecting Groove, users have access to sales activity analytics so they can make better decisions, save time, and drive more revenue. The team at Groove signed up for Switch to provide a better overall customer service experience by giving customers a simple way to contact sales and support. Here’s how it’s made a difference for their team:

Centralizes communication

The Groove team is a 100% Google shop—they love Google Apps for Work, and found Switch to fill the gap and centralize communication for them. “If you use Google Apps this is the best phone system you can get for the Google Apps suite,” said Chris Rothstein, Groove co-founder.  

Fundamentally Simple

When looking at the traditional PBX systems in the market, Chris and his team found them to be far too complex compared to the other technology they use day to day at work. “As a small business owner, I just want to make sure our customers have a way to contact us,” said Chris. “Switch provides a simple way to get calls on every device and route them where they need to go.”

Streamlined Customer Service

Where the Groove team really sees value in Switch is the ease of accessing the system. Serving an international sales base, they get calls around the clock. They know that when the sales line rings, it’s going to ring everyone’s devices and they’re guaranteed not to miss the call. “Since we’re small, we have to act as a team,” said Chris. “If one of us is in a meeting, we know that someone else will be able to pick up the call to provide the best possible service.”

Will Leonard - Co-Founder, Blu Kicks

Blu Kicks is a socially conscious manufacturer of casual, island-inspired footwear & apparel, started by a mother-son duo and based in the North Beach district of San Francisco. With backgrounds in design and finance, Will Leonard and his mother, Victoria, came up with the idea for Blu Kicks on a family vacation, and decided to run with the idea and see where they could take it. They opened up shop on, with half of the businesses in e-commerce, and the other half wholesale. From the very beginning, they saw Blu Kicks as a chance to give back and raise awareness of endangered environments and habitats, donating $1 for every pair of shoes sold. Switch has been an integral part of their daily business functions, and has helped to improve the quality of service for Blu Kicks customers.

A professional way to connect

Before Switch, the Blu Kicks team used Google Voice, operating with just one phone number that served multiple functions like customer service issues, networking, and sales. “We would go to trade shows where I gave out my business card with that number on it, even though I would be there from the sales and marketing side,” said Will. “It got confusing because people were using the same number, but had different objectives.”

Now, with Switch, the Blu Kicks team has departments set up for Sales and Customer support, and also has a general office line that people can call without the hassle of giving out their personal cell phone numbers.

Control over business hours

With many customers calling outside of business hours, Will uses the Switch business hours feature to control when the team can and cannot be reached. “Since we’re only a team of four, we like being able to turn off our business number, and then address whatever problem the customer is facing when we’re back in the office with the resources to solve it,” said Will.

Customized team settings

Customizable team settings are what make Switch a huge game changer for Will and his team. Everything from setting business hours, creating departments, choosing a local phone number, and setting up an auto attendant to route calls, allows them to operate more effectively and with a sense of professionalism.

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