Want a local area code for your business? We have them!

The Wall Street Journal recently reported on the shortage of San Francisco’s 415 area code supply, and the thousands of dollars people are paying to get their hands on them. 

Whether it’s for the sentimental value or for localizing a business, some major US city area codes are in high demand with not enough to go around: 

With available phone numbers starting with 415 running low, there is a new area code in town. Last month, phone companies began assigning numbers starting with the digits 628. The new code’s arrival has some here rushing to purchase numbers bearing the old code...

When it comes to their businesses, many of our Switch customers agree—they want to give their businesses a local presence, and having a local customer-facing phone number is the first place they start. 

Erin Loscocco, a San Francisco small business owner, emphasized the crux of the problem regarding the 415 shortage to the Journal, explaining, “Most people are going to be like, ‘Where’s 628?’”

The good news is, Switch has a large inventory of numbers with area codes from all over the US. 

Either by porting over their existing phone numbers to Switch, or getting a new one through us, our customers are able to manage their business from anywhere, on any device, while still giving their customers a sense of local connection and prestige. 

Want a local number for your businesses? Get one with Switch for just $15/month/line.

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