Ways to use Google Apps with UberConference

Last week, we announced the much anticipated Google Calendar extension, adding to our arsenal of Google Apps integrations for UberConference.

Calendar is just one of many other integrations we’ve built to make UberConference work perfectly with the other tools you use, and we look forward to bringing you more to give your meetings the context they need to be most productive.

Here are a few ways to use Google Apps with UberConference for more streamlined conference calls:

Google Hangouts

Dial into a Google Hangout with an UberConference phone number. Start or schedule a Hangout, then add the UberConference plug-in, and your meetings will automatically be given a dedicated conference number. Add up to 100 more callers to your Google Hangout.

Google Calendar

Access your UberConference information directly from Google Calendar events with the Google Calendar extension. When it’s time to start your meeting, you’ll get the notification.  Just click on the UberConference link to join.

Google Drive

Have your team on a call while you edit, add, and review notes in real-time with Google Drive document sharing with UberConference. Use the Google Docs Add-on and start an UberConference within Google Docs to get all the document editors on a call instantly.  

Sign in with Google

Sign in to UberConference with Google in just one click. No password to remember, plus you’ll bring all of your Google Apps contacts with you so you can easily invite them to your meetings.


P.S. If you’re an Outlook user, check out the Outlook Add-in!

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