Introducing Executive-Assistant for Switch

Our focus for Switch has always been building a phone system around the end-user. Since our beta launch in October, we’ve listened to our customers and quickly built features inspired by the feedback they've given us (like porting and the Obihai desk phone integration) to create the best experience out there.

Today, we’ve released a helpful new feature, much requested by our Enterprise customers: Executive-Assistant.

For managers or executives that tend to get a lot of calls and don’t have time to answer all of them, assistants can now be assigned to screen those calls first.

How Executive-Assistant works

When somebody calls the Executive’s number, it will also ring the Assistant’s phone at the same time. The Assistant can screen the call first to determine whether or not it should go to the Exec.

Best practice–put the person on hold, message the Exec on Switch to determine whether or not he or she wants to take the call, then transfer the call to the correct person on your team.

If the Executive is going into a meeting and would rather not have his or her phone ring, he or she can set Switch to Do Not Disturb mode and the call with only ring the Assistant.

How to create Executive-Assistant pairings

If you’re a Switch admin, you can create an Executive-Assistant pairing on the fly. In your Office Settings, you’ll find Executive-Assistant in the Admin Settings section. Enter the name of the Executive, and it will appear from your Switch directory. Click add, and you’re done.

Both the Executive and the Assistant will get an email confirmation and can go into their personal Switch settings to remove the pairing at any time.


Assistants will see a tab with the first and last initial of the Executive in their Switch Chrome App—which shows a feed of all calls and voicemails.

Want to learn more about Executive-Assistant? Check out our help center or get in touch with our team at

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