UberConference customer story: Mapbox

UberConference has taken the pain out of conference calls for companies of all sizes. From enterprise customers like The Weather Company, to growing teams like Blue Bottle Coffee, it connects remote offices, simplifies meetings, and at the end of the day, makes everyone more productive.

One of our customers, Mapbox, is working on their popular cloud-based platform that allows users to design and publish interactive web maps. It powers thousands of businesses, from new startups to traditional enterprise, with customizable and scalable maps, analysis, and data. Maps are now central to the experience of apps from fun social sites like Foursquare and Pinterest to business sites like Bloomberg and the Financial Times - Mapbox makes this possible.

Mapbox was founded in a garage in Washington DC, and is now a team of 80 people with offices in San Francisco, Washington DC, India, and Peru. As a fast-paced startup, the team found themselves constantly on the lookout for new ways to stay connected across timezones. We talked to Garrett Miller, a Mapbox designer and developer, to learn more about what they’re working on, and how UberConference has bridged a major gap for their spread out team.

Garrett works between product and business development talking to a lot of existing and potential customers about Mapbox and its API.

“The way we work is all over the place,” he explained. “A lot of times we like to hop on the phone for very quick calls. We don’t love long meetings. We like to move things along as fast as possible.”

The Mapbox team was in search of a reliable conferencing tool that had all the features they needed for an efficient meeting, but with a user interface simple enough that didn’t require them to think before hopping on a call.

“We all liked UberConference because a lot of the other services we explored were way too complex. They were just trying to do way too much when all we wanted was a very quick interface to jump on and join our calls.”

Garrett told us it’s that very simple UberConference user experience that really has made it stick amongst his team.  

“Having your own dial-in number to provide, and then simply joining from there is great. No keypad numbers or ‘dial-in this’ and ‘install this terrible software’—you can call a number and be done.”

For a company that spends a ton of time talking on the phone, Garrett told us the UberConference post-call summary is a favorite at Mapbox. “Knowing how long folks talked for and where they were calling in from is really helpful.”

Garrett also added that the option to upload custom hold music to your UberConference line adds an enjoyable element to something that is typically unpleasant for people.

“Having your own hold music creates a personality for a meeting that’s really fun. We’re playful in a lot of the ways we do things, and this feature breaks down a few of those more formal ways of conference calling.”

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