Setting up your front office

First impressions are important—we all want to put our best foot forward when representing our business. With a company mainline, a virtual receptionist, and customized settings for your team, Switch can help you organize your calls professionally to give anyone calling your business a great experience.

Set up a mainline

When you first sign up for Switch, you can decide whether you’d like a local or a toll-free number. You also have the option to port your current number to your Switch account, and assign it as your company mainline, or to a department like sales or support.

Set up a department

A department is a group within your company with its own call settings. After setting up departments for your company on the Office Settings page, you can decide how to reach them. For example, callers can arrive to a department through a main line greeting system (“For Sales, press 2”), or through a phone number specifically designed to the department.

Decide how to handle incoming calls

Once you have set up your departments, you can choose how each call to a department is handled. One option is to have calls ring everyone you have listed as an operator for that department. The first operator to pick up will get the call. You may also choose to send callers to an automated response menu, where callers can use their dialpad to select up to 9 options.

Screen Shot 2014-09-30 at 11.43.06 AM.png

Set business hours

The default setting is for call handling to work 24/7. However, you have the option to set business hours based on your company’s needs. You can also record a message that callers will hear when your business is closed.

Record a company voicemail greeting

Greet customers with information about your business outside your selected office hours, or for when no operator is available to take an incoming call. To do this, click on Settings/Main Line, then scroll down to the bottom of the Call handling section. You can click on “Record a greeting,” and start recording right from your computer! Name your new voicemail on the spot.

Need help getting set up? Contact our support team at, or tweet us at @switchco.

Dialpad is the phone system designed for the way you work