6 ways to boost employee engagement

Modern enterprises often have teams scattered across the globe. But just because your teams are thousands of miles apart—doesn’t mean employee engagement has to suffer. Amp up engagement and keep your staff satisfied with these tips:

Company Meetings

All-hands meetings are great for infusing transparency into your workplace culture. Highlight exciting news, reward innovation, and offer a platform for employee shoutouts. People want a clear company vision to stand behind, and meetings are the perfect opportunity to emphasize your values.

1:1 Check-Ins

Check-in weekly with your employees, even if it’s just a brief ten minute chat. Are they satisfied? Are they meeting their weekly goals? Keep the dialogue flowing and provide constant support.

For managers, embrace an open-door policy and encourage teams to give feedback, ask questions, and share ideas. By listening closely, you’ll have a stronger grasp of everyone’s unique wants and needs.

Valuable Perks

Aside from offering the usual suspects like competitive pay and health care, curating thoughtful out-of-the-box perks keeps energy levels up. More and more companies are tapping into this connection between happy employees and productive ones.

Perks like free food, gym memberships, and nutrition courses can make a huge difference for your team’s health and wellness. To prevent people from feeling burnt out, offer ways to manage stress, like on-site seminars, and flexible work hours.

Technology can also make or break employee satisfaction. Take the time to evaluate your team’s core business tools and upgrade aging systems. By adopting more cloud-based services, you’ll free staff to go mobile and work from just about anywhere. Centralizing tools in the cloud also eliminates the headache of managing complicated vendor lists for each of your office locations, so IT will love you for it.

Flexible Schedules

Thanks to digital devices, it’s easier than ever to work remotely. Embrace it. Whether it’s a 24/7 policy or a few days out of the week, the flexibility to work from home can reduce commute costs and give productivity an instant lift.

Training & Development

Provide opportunities for career development and make it an integral part of company culture. Nurture employees and help them sharpen skills through classes, seminars, and leadership courses. By having infrastructure in place to support specialized training, you’ll empower staff to continuously learn and evolve.

Off-Site Events

Whether you’re a tiny start-up or a global enterprise, it’s important for people to build the relationships they need to enjoy showing up to work everyday. Happy hours, volunteering events, holiday parties—all these activities are opportunities to bond outside of the work grind. Help your employees forge stronger team bonds, and it’ll be that much easier to spark day-to-day collaboration.

By keeping things transparent and providing avenues for people to connect, you’ll help your teams stay engaged, inspired, and in sync, no matter where they are or how distributed they may be.

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