Moving your business phone from an on-premise PBX to the cloud

From quick internal chats to customer support calls, your business phone system has always been the engine powering everyday conversations.

But in today’s fast-paced work culture, people are more mobile than ever, and this simple fact is radically transforming the way we communicate.

Traditional on-premise PBX phone systems have dominated the corporate world for years. But as the way we work evolves, our business phones need to be far more portable to keep up.

New cloud-based phone services are now eliminating excess hardware and instead shifting the focus towards mobile-centric designs. Here’s why:

Setup & Maintenance

With cloud phone systems, you have no on-premise hardware whatsoever—everything is passed through the web. Employees can set up and onboard in minutes, with a few simple clicks. Best of all? There’s no downtime. All feature updates and bug fixes happen flawlessly behind the scenes.


When your business phone is based in the cloud, you access a service that runs on a single, highly-secure, global platform. Unlike legacy systems, no servers or carrier relationships are necessary.


The cloud is accessible from any device with an Internet connection, keeping things super flexible. Systems like Dialpad instantly turn smartphones and laptops into robust business tools so you can call, chat, and place video calls from just about anywhere.


When you’re on a call, context is critical. By integrating with popular business tools, cloud phone systems offer valuable insight during conversations. With everything from your email to productivity suite located in the cloud, it makes sense to have a business phone that works smoothly beside them.


For PBX systems, adding users either means buying more servers or upgrading an already expensive package. Using the cloud, it only takes a few minutes to add or remove employees straight from the web, so you can scale indefinitely.


Traditional PBX systems typically require separate contracts for your telephony services and hardware. Often, you also get additional fees for upgrades and new features. With Dialpad, you get a pay-as-you-go service that charges by the user, keeping things 100% transparent.

For decades, corporations have been using desk phones to power their day-to-day communications. In that time, modernization has occurred on every front, from the devices we use, to the tools we leverage to collaborate 24/7. Isn’t it about time your business phone system caught up?

Dialpad is the phone system designed for the way you work