Is BYOD right for your business?

Take a step back and try to picture the last time you spent an entire day without picking up a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone once. Chances are, it’s almost impossible to remember.

For most of us, mobile devices have become extensions of our physical selves, so it makes sense that these same devices are now seeping into our daily work lives.

Modern workers want the freedom to choose the tools they use everyday, and mobile phones are at the top of that list.

Thinking of kickstarting a BYOD strategy for your company? Here are a few things to keep in mind:


With a mobile device in hand, employees can work from practically anywhere. Whether you’re at a coffee shop, or on a flight over the Atlantic, your favorite business tools are always in reach. Best of all? Workplace flexibility translates to higher employee satisfaction.

Cost Savings

A BYOD policy often eliminates the need for companies to supply additional hardware or data services, reducing overall expenses.


By activating personal devices as business tools, companies make it easier than ever for employees to work productively and have meaningful conversations, regardless of the time or place.   


When you’re blurring the lines between professional and personal tools, a big concern is security. An effective BYOD strategy involves safeguarding against data breaches and establishing protocols in case personal devices are lost or stolen.

BYOD is a huge step towards a 100% mobile workforce.

The key is finding solutions that fit naturally and securely inside the devices your employees use everyday. Luckily, an entire ecosystem of services are stepping up to the challenge.

From productivity suites to business phone systems, cloud-based tools are making BYOD transitions smoother than ever.  

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