Power the way you work with Microsoft Office 365 & Dialpad

As businesses mass migrate to the cloud, popular productivity suites like Office 365 and Google Apps for Work are the new engines powering day-to-day operations. In fact, Microsoft now leads Google with 25.2% market share of the cloud-based productivity suite market, up from 7.7% in 2014. 

Cloud adoption is only set to increase, with businesses replacing aging legacy systems at record speed. But for successful brands, the key to productivity goes beyond adoption. The focus instead is on curating a set of cloud tools that work harmoniously with one another, connecting teams scattered across the world. 

Here at Dialpad, we’re thrilled to continue making that vision a reality.

As of yesterday, Dialpad is now fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365. Packaged with our cost-effective pricing plan and easy-to-use interface, here’s what the fresh update means for your business:  

Improve productivity: As a cloud phone system for Office 365, Dialpad pulls information straight from your contacts, events, and recent Outlook emails when you sign in with Office 365 credentials. During calls, avoid multitasking between windows by viewing the context you need all in one place. With the added bonus of a LinkedIn integration, sales and recruiting teams can also conveniently review professional profiles, saving time and clicks.  

Increase mobility: Using Dialpad as an Office 365 phone system, you’ll get a business phone number that works across devices, unlocking mobility for your entire organization. Employees will have the freedom to collaborate and work wherever, while using a service that functions flawlessly alongside their other cloud-based tools. 

In the age of cloud computing, mobile devices have freed us from bulky hardware once essential to corporate life. With Dialpad for Microsoft Office 365, your business phone system is now tightly integrated with tools used every day, empowering your team to live in the cloud and work productively from anywhere. 

Dialpad is the phone system designed for the way you work