The new Dialpad: available to everyone and integrated with Microsoft Office 365

A year ago this week, we announced the beta availability of our flagship product, Dialpad, an entirely cloud-based business phone system for companies using Google Apps for Work. We would beta test for 3 months and launch publicly in January 2015.  

On this anniversary of that first beta launch, we are excited to announce another major milestone—Dialpad, fully-integrated with Microsoft Office 365, as well as an open version that allows any business in the US to sign up, regardless of which productivity suite they use.

So today, I’d like to not only look back on this first year, but also tell you what this launch means for the future of business communications.

Business phone systems’ aren’t exactly sexy. Most are expensive, complex, and pretty useless to the modern workforce. People choose their cell phones or video calls to talk to other people even when they’re sitting in front of their desk phone. If anything demonstrates that a product is useless and despised, it's watching people go out of their way to avoid using it.

Dialpad is different. IT managers shouldn’t be technology gatekeepers, preventing employees from using what they want, they should be IT heroes. They have the chance to come in, rip out messy, expensive, desk phone systems and replace them with simpler, beautifully designed versions that are made for the way people work today...namely from anywhere on any device at any time.

People rely on phones — though often not the one in their office. The phone call is at the core of business communications, and now it can work on the devices people use most.

We knew we were on to something when we first launched Dialpad with demand from both small and medium-sized businesses and then, surprisingly, from large enterprises that were moving to the cloud and abandoning legacy and first generation cloud systems.  

Any size business that moves to Google Apps and Office 365 understands the value of the cloud. IT departments at enterprises that are making the move really, really understand it. They know that employees need to be productive when they work remotely, whether it’s down the block or on the road, and having on-premise email, calendar and documents doesn’t make sense any more. Cloud adoption is inevitable, not just for productivity suites but for business phones, too.

One example of this is Motorola Solutions in Schaumburg, IL. Motorola had just moved to Google Apps, but still had an antiquated PBX in their headquarters and a variety of PBX solutions in offices around the world. Removing these old systems worldwide and replacing them with a single, integrated, cloud-based answer from Dialpad dramatically lowered their costs while giving the people in each office a connected service that feels natural and intuitive next to the other cloud-based tools they use at work everyday.

This forward thinking CIO was smart IT at its finest — a great example for other companies looking to make IT cool again.

It was also the largest pure cloud-based phone deployment ever and at record speed. 800% larger than RingCentral’s largest customer to date and they had a 10 year head start on us. This is truly "enterprise quality at startup speed."

When we built Dialpad we knew we wanted to enable the future of communications.  We wanted it to be able to support users anywhere on any device and have a platform that kept evolving and getting better. We built the product around the WebRTC framework heralded by Google, Firefox and now, Microsoft. This is a great way to stay ahead of the curve technologically and to provide the latest and greatest features to our customers. Every 6 weeks Google pushes a new version of Chrome and every 6 weeks, WebRTC gets better and better.

As for our telephony network, we now have data centers on four continents making it possible to support large multi-national customers like Motorola. Australia, Asia, Europe and the US are now all up and running and connected to each other via an MPLS network that gives Dialpad users great call quality from anywhere.

With the world moving to the cloud and Google and Microsoft leading the way, we’re extremely happy to be able to make Dialpad now available to companies using Office 365. Every business will eventually move to the cloud...nearly half of them already have...and when they do, Dialpad will have the best integrated, best designed and most reliable phone system ready for them, regardless of which platform they’re using.

Dialpad is the phone system designed for the way you work