Conference calls made easy with Hipchat & Slack integrations for UberConference

How many times have you gone back and forth over chat with a coworker, only to realize talking over the phone would be so much more efficient?

We love (and rely on) chat at work, but some conversations are just better handled over the phone.  

That’s why we’ve integrated UberConference with both HipChat and Slack. As of today, you can now hop on a quick conference call by sending out conference invites in seconds, directly inside your chat window.

If you’re a HipChat user and have an UberConference account, you can now install the UberConference integration into your chat tool. 

Want to launch an UberConference from Slack before the integration goes live on their app store? Check out the Slack Integration Admin Setup Guide

After setting up either integration, simply type /uberconference in the chat window and, like magic, your conference details will appear.

HipChat Integration

hipchat (1).png

Slack Integration

This integration aligns with our goal to make you better, faster, and overall more efficient at work, and we can’t wait to hear what you think.

To learn more about the integration and how to install it, head over here for Slack, and here for HipChat.

P.S. We also just launched our Salesforce Integration for UberConference! Together, UberConference and Salesforce give you richer content for your sales calls. Learn more here.

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