Dialpad customer spotlight: Real Thread

Real Thread is an innovator in the apparel screen printing industry. With an account management team that worked primarily from the office in place, the company started looking for ways to establish a more fluid and remote workforce. Dialpad enabled Real Thread to quickly scale up operations, creating a truly mobile Customer Success team.

Initially, it was a struggle to answer customer inquiries and instantly triage issues, resulting in lost opportunities. Real Thread needed a phone solution that could scale effectively alongside their rapidly increasing customer base. The key was shortening response times to customers and freeing the team to send and receive business calls from anywhere.

BYOD Flexibility

Dialpad turned out to be a perfect fix. The Real Thread team loved how intuitive it was to use, and now had dedicated business numbers that worked across all devices, including their desktops and personal phones. Using Dialpad phone numbers, the team was able to flexibly extend business hours and expand their reach - successfully improving customer satisfaction.

Streamlined Communications

The newfound mobility and freedom triggered by using Dialpad became central to Real Thread’s success. Senny Luu, an account executive at the company, was impressed with how quickly she was able to get back to people and resolve issues, ultimately resulting in top line sales growth. By using a phone system that “catered to their business needs and was dynamic enough to work with their busy customer schedule,” Real Thread was able to quickly empower their remote workforce.  

As a company that is passionate about delivering exceptional experiences to both their team and their clients, Dialpad added a professional touch to Real Thread’s operations. The dedicated business phone helped the team establish credibility and trust among clients.

“We seek to get a little better each day and believe that in the long run, small wins lead to the fulfillment of grand visions. Using Dialpad, we were able to grow our sales team and extend our business hours to serve more customers. As a growing company, we love what we do and we love being able to service a greater number of people even more," said Jordan Schiller, Director of Business Development.

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