Dialpad customer story: PlayVox

PlayVox, an exciting new startup that builds gamification software for improving call center quality, knows just how important communications can be for positive growth.

“Every business wants to grow ” says Joe McFadden, VP of North America Operations. “With Dialpad you can grow with the confidence that your system won’t hold you back.”

A Complete Business Phone System

As PlayVox began servicing large corporations like Google while also dealing with an increase in inbound calling and demand, their existing solution was unable to keep up. “We needed a robust business phone system with clear and predictable pricing to replace our expensive PBX.”

Scalable Across the World  

Joe came across Dialpad while searching for a cloud-based solution that would scale easily and allow true mobility across their offices in North and South America. With a geographically distributed staff, hiring a full-time IT person was simply not an option. Instead, PlayVox was able to deploy Dialpad immediately on multiple continents. “It took our whole team less than an hour to get the phone system running in California and Colombia,” Joe said.

Cross-Device Functionality

Now, PlayVox teams have the flexibility to use their business phone line across all devices, from desktops to mobile phones and tablets. It’s given remote teams the freedom to work and collaborate no matter where they are. Armed with a professional business phone number that travels with them, remote teams can set up work stations anywhere and are now reachable on-the-go. Customers who call in are instantly greeted with a professional grade IVR complete with powerful business grade features like auto-attendant, multiple operators, department lines and more.

As a fast-moving startup, PlayVox plans to continue expanding its business into the cloud using solutions that fit intuitively with daily workflows. “Compared to other tools out there, Dialpad is a complete telephony platform that provides all the capabilities we need.” Packaged with Google Apps for Work, Microsoft Office 365, and LinkedIn integrations, it’s designed with the modern mobile-first workforce in mind.

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