Obihai desk phones for Switch

If your team is considering Switch and you work best with desk phones, we’ve partnered with Obihai for a simple, integrated desk phone experience. Calls you receive on your Obihai device are powered by Switch, so you have the option to answer from a mobile phone, a computer desktop, and now, a desk phone. 

No matter how you work, Switch connects you and your team from anywhere, on any device to complement your work style. We’ve integrated with Obihai to make sure you can use Switch on the device that best suits you. 

Here’s what makes Obihai for Switch awesome: 

Simple Setup 
Getting set up doesn’t require an admin, all you need is a Switch account. When your Obihai device arrives, plug it in and start receiving calls in minutes. 

Fully integrated 
Control your calls from your Switch desktop app— mute, transfer and see social profiles all with a click.  

HD Quality Audio  
Get high definition audio for crystal clear calls. 

Learn more about Obihai for Switch, and follow us on Twitter: @switchco 


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