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One of many things that we learned during beta is that Dialpad is more relevant now than ever. The conversations we’ve had with customers and the amount of interest in the product so far has reassured us that people really are experiencing a gap in their work day, and they’re willing to try something completely new to make it better. 

We got the chance to talk to Dave Bour, Manager of IT Operations at Mashable - one of our earliest customers. With approximately 170 employees, and offices in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, the United Kingdom, and Australia, Dave coordinates the use of technology for the company globally. We wanted to hear how things are going with Dialpad rolled out to their team. 

“Working for the leading media company for the Connected Generation, which is growing at such a rapid rate, creates a truly amazing work experience,” says Dave. “We pride ourselves on having a collaborative team that works together across all offices and departments.” 

As the Mashable team continues to grow both here in the U.S. and internationally, keeping everyone connected in a reliable, cost-effective way presented a few new challenges. Mashable has always been on the cutting edge of technology, but with traditional phone systems requiring a larger commitment, the team was looking for a solution that had the best mix of scalability, and a light footprint on their network. 

Dave saw Dialpad as an opportunity to break from that path. 

“Based on our great experience with UberConference, taking on Dialpad was a no brainer,” said Dave. 

Mashable uses Dialpad in their collaboration rooms to connect both remote and local staff.

“The ease of installation and activation process has been a breeze,” explained Dave. “The administration panel and ability to seamlessly assign accounts has been a real time saver for our IT department.” 

Mashable had already been using a variety of Google products, and Dialpad’s integration with Google Apps for Work fits seamlessly with their systems, making it more than just a voice solution.

“For Mashable we are all about collaboration, both in our headquarters in New York and across all of our offices globally. Dialpad is all about bridging the physical gap between our staff members, which really fits that Mashable DNA.” 

According to Dave, adoption of Dialpad at Mashable has been quick, thanks to its simple set up and user experience. 

“Dialpad is a lightweight, adaptable voice communication solution. If you’re tired of poor call quality and being tied to where a physical phone is located, Dialpad will transform your life.”  

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