Black Stag Consulting: helping small businesses grow with Switch

After running multiple successful startups of their own, Jason Maloney and Dan Leitao came together to start Black Stag Consulting—a boutique consulting firm based in Fairfield, CT.

With passion and experience in starting businesses from the ground up, the team helps both startups and established businesses grow by implementing new technology solutions, marketing strategy, and operations optimization.

“We love what we're doing now, because we're able to work with a multitude of different companies in different stages,” explained Dan. “Not only tech and manufacturing businesses (our backgrounds), but everything from brick and mortar, to a little more established companies that want to define themselves.”


Jason and Dan have clients all over the United States, which leaves them out of the office as often as they are in the office. Google Apps helps keep them connected via email, but using Google Voice as a main company line (and giving out their personal cell numbers) wasn’t a professional solution for their business.

“The biggest frustration with Google Voice was the UI,” explained Dan. “We liked that it transcribed voicemails, but we didn’t actively use it as company mainline, mostly because it didn’t function like one. We treated that line as just a mailbox— a way to receive calls before we started working with someone.”

Jason and Dan were in the process of printing new business cards, and wanted to be able to print them with professional business numbers rather than their personal cell phone numbers. They needed a Black Stag main line, plus direct lines for themselves to give out to clients and potential customers.

“We started actively looking for a solution to the problems we had with Google Voice. We had some experience with, but didn’t think it was the right option either,” said Dan. “Neither solutions seemed like they were built for this century, and was.”

“We are heavy UberConference users, and recommend it as a conferencing solution for all of our clients. In our search for a new phone solution, we saw the team behind UberConference came out with a cloud-based phone system for Google Apps users, said Dan. “Timing wise, the stars aligned, and it made complete sense to try it out.”

That day, they signed up for account, and got a Black Stag main line with professional phone numbers for their business cards - in just a matter of minutes.

“ is a phone system built for a world where you use multiple devices. It’s priced efficiently. It’s designed for companies to be able to use and appreciate features, and not have to read a manual or pay a telecom company to come set it up.”

When Dan saw how integrated so easily with Google Apps, he knew it would be a great solution for Black Stag clients, too.

“90% of our clients use Google Apps apps. We believe in it strongly,” said Dan

The integration with Google Apps makes it not only easy to set up, but also gives conversations more context. With quick access to latest Gmail messages, recent Docs, and upcoming Calendar events, users have everything they need to have a productive call, right in the app.

“It was one of the more seamless setups I’ve ever had with a system, especially with something that can be as complex as phones,” said Dan. “We had no issues at all. It was a nicely designed UI experience that would be incredible easy for anyone to set up.”

As a consultants, Dan and Jason found to be a great solution for an offsite team working with remote clients. enables teams to set up department lines that ring anywhere, with all other calls going straight to a main office— a tool set that wasn’t there before

“It really was a no-brainer to go with because we wanted to be able to operate on our devices through VoIP, and stilll have all the bells and whistles of an office phone system. has all of that.”

With, all Google Apps contacts automatically sync any device, so Black Stag clients are able to direct where a phone call goes, who’s operating them, and who has access to them by simply selecting settings from a dropdown menu.

Jason and Dan feel that their clients are probably most excited about the fact that their business numbers can ring both their cell phones and their computer desktops with the apps. Dan noted that this accessibility has drastically increased customer response time.

“For one of our clients, we were able to increase the response time to calls, leading to greater customer satisfaction. More importantly, we were able to make sure that the right people were getting the right calls so that other people’s time wasn’t wasted. From an efficiency standpoint, fewer people had to touch each incoming phone call.” was built with the end user in mind, making traditional business phone features easy to use, and adding new ones to make conversations that much more productive. It’s designed to be flexible, giving companies of any size the opportunity to look professional for customers.

“ lets you focus on your business, and not worry about whether or not your system is up and running. If you need to add a person to your team because you're growing, that’s easy to do,” explained Dan. “It’s the perfect tool for any SMB.”


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