Switch is out of beta

Switch is now out of beta and available to the public! Number porting and a Switch desk phone have been added to make your team’s transition seamless.

Back in October, Switch launched in private beta. Our goal for the beta was to learn as much as we possibly could from our early customers, and continue to release new features to create the best possible experience by the time we opened the gates. The amount of excitement around Switch so far has kept us inspired and working non-stop, and we’re finally ready to start the next chapter. As of today, Switch is now available to the public.  

We believe that any team, of any size, should be able to stay connected and productive from wherever their work and lives take them. They should be able to represent themselves and their company professionally, and they should be able to spend more time focusing on business and less time setting up and fixing complicated systems.

The phone systems out there now haven’t evolved since they were first introduced, and design is centered on a 100-year-old piece of hardware. They present challenges for end users and IT admins because they’re not built around the concept of the mobile workforce, and they don’t work well with the other tools we use. For IT admins, phone systems are daunting. They’re complex to set up and unwieldy to manage. They require hardware investments and have unpredictable costs. They can’t keep up with the streamlined, mobile nature of work today.

So we made something that can.

Switch is the business-grade phone system built for Google Apps users. The way we see it, work is a thing you do, not a place you go. Switch was built from the ground up with the way you work today in mind. It puts the power of the phone back in the hands of the user, enabling you to call across any device, from anywhere, while using rich call controls that were once too complicated to be useful. It integrates seamlessly with Google Apps so that your work phone number travels with you, just like your Google Apps email, Calendar, and Drive.

We put a lot of thought into every Switch feature, eliminating the traditional phone system features you barely use, and making the necessary ones simple and convenient. We’re bringing you an entirely new business phone experience, designed to make your calls that much more productive and successful.

Your work number on your own device

With a Chrome app for Mac, Windows, Linux or Chromebook desktop, and native iPhone and Android apps, your business number works where you work, and rings any of the devices you choose.

Let’s say you’re on a call that’s connected to your desktop, but you need to head out of the office. Simply switch the call from your computer to your mobile phone and pick up where you left off without interruption. Still want a desk phone? Check out Obihai for Switch.

Power your conversations with Google Apps

Switch is the only phone system built specifically for companies using Google Apps. Your Google Apps users are directly imported into Switch, enabling your company to get up and running in a matter of minutes. No more manually entering contacts to get everybody setup—once you log in with your Google Apps account, you’ll immediately have your company directory at your finger tips. When you’re on a call, Switch shows your latest Gmail messages, upcoming Calendar events, and shared Docs, giving your conversations that much more context.

Features that are finally easy to use

Tell the truth...have you ever transferred a call without worrying that you were going to hang up on the caller? Or what about the voicemail light? Have you ever left that red voicemail light blinking because you couldn't remember the access code and PIN? Switch’s powerful call controls make complex features easy to use with the click of a button (or tap of a finger) from your desktop or mobile apps. Transfer to other users, host three-way calls, and check voicemail without thinking twice.

Look professional for customers

With Switch, you have full control over your company’s phone system with the ease of the web. You can get set up in minutes by selecting items from a drop-down menu. Direct your calls with the help of a virtual receptionist, assign operators for each of your departments, and set business hours for when you want to be available. Plus, get unlimited calling and SMS, along with toll-free numbers and international calling. If you’d like to port your company’s existing number over to Switch, we can do that for you in just a couple of days.

Sign up for Switch and have a business phone system completely rolled out to your team by the time you leave work today.

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