Listen to voicemails as they're being recorded

Using our personal devices for work means we’re always connected, everywhere we go. Between all of emails, texts, chat messages and phone calls we receive in a day, it’s hard to find time to answer them all. We do our best to prioritize, but sometimes we miss important phone calls because we don’t recognize a number, we assume it can wait, or we just simply don’t want to be interrupted.

A new feature now lets you listen to a voicemail as its being recorded, then decide if you want to answer before the voicemail ends.

When you get an incoming call notification on your desktop, select the Listen to voicemail if they leave one option.

The voicemail will play, and if you decide you want to answer click pick up. The voicemail will stop recording and the call will begin.


Have questions about this feature? Contact our support team at, or tweet us, @switchco.

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