Tips for moving offices (and how the cloud makes the move easier!)

At Switch, we have offices in San Francisco, San Jose, and Raleigh, NC. As our company continues to grow, our offices are becoming more and more.....cozy. Just last week, our team in San Jose orchestrated a move (completed flawlessly by our office manager, Lydia. Thank you! ). The process was complicated, especially as our new space is twice the size of the last. 

“I started to notice that we were filling up our office. I already knew what worked best for our team, so I started researching and making phone calls ahead of time,” said our Office Manager, Lydia Gonzalez. “Organization and timing is very important. Make sure your team is aware of what's going to happen, when it's going to happen and that it doesn't interrupt their work.”

This got us thinking about how modern workers can use technologies to set themselves up for scaling success. While we can’t digitize the labor involved, we did have tools in place (thanks to the cloud) that made the space upgrade much easier.

Google Apps

Using Gmail and Google Drive made moving computers seamless. We didn’t have to worry about setting up a new intranet or building in-house infrastructure. Our files, email messages, calendar items, and contacts were all readily available with zero down-time.


Task management is huge when undertaking a project on this scale. With the cloud-based task app, Asana, Lydia was able to organize duties and build a calendar of events to share with our company.


Having a cloud-based phone system made moving communications to a new space stress-free. Since Switch operates from an app on your personal iOS or Android device and your computer, there was no moving cost for outdated infrastructure and no risk of running into configuration issues. Plus your phone number isn’t linked to a landline and there’s zero risk of losing your business’ number when moving to a new space.

Keeping your team's information in the cloud is crucial for business growth—all of the information you need when you need it, without worrying about downtime between offices or during a space transition.

“We were able to increase our overall space capacity in San Jose. We improved the office environment for our South Bay employees, created more space for employees outside the area to drop in for a day, and expanded the area from where we can attract talent,” noted Switch Head of Finance, Steve LaCommare.

Need more advice on how Switch can scale with your business? Contact our Sales team at or call 844-9-Switch. 

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