We’re one month in!

One month ago, we launched the private beta of Switch.co. We decided to launch in a private beta to ensure that Switch.co provides the best possible experience for our customers by the time we make it available publicly, and so far, the feedback from our initial beta testers has been super helpful -- they’ve shared everything from bug reports to stories about how Switch.co has already made a difference in the way they use their phones at work. Here are some of our favorite comments about Switch.co so far:

“I really enjoy that I can have a visual representation of  all of my business calls. Switch.co has perfectly integrated itself into my worklife.” - John Karlo, Coachart

“The transfer function allows us to function as one company even though our colleagues are hundreds of miles away.” -Shawn, Robotnik.com

“Switch.co is really living up to the promise. VoIP has been great, SMS is fast, & switching calls midstream between devices is magical”- Adam Stachelek

“We use Google Apps for everything, which is why the transition has been really easy. I signed up the day I found Switch.  We didn’t even do the two week free trial. We signed up as paid users and everyone is really excited about it,” Alejandro, Summerland.

While we love hearing what great things our users are saying about our product, we equally appreciate their constructive feedback. Switch.co continues to develop, and we do our best to listen and learn about which features are going to make it work best for our customers. Here are some of our key learnings from the first month of Switch.co:

Communication practices vary from company to company.

Not everyone communicates the same way at work. One team may do best with a BYOD policy, while others prefer to work from their desks with their desk phones. Requests for compatible headsets, desk phones, and conference room tools have come up quite a bit.  Our goal is to be able to give you the flexibility to make your calls how you want them.

Phone systems are more broken than we thought.

We've spoken to a huge number of companies using Google Voice, Skype and 8x8 or RingCentral all at the same time, or companies with an on-premise PBX from Cisco, Avaya and AT&T installed at various locations. They’re trying to escape the complexity of combining multiple, expensive services that are all difficult to setup and deploy, and aren’t integrated. People want to be able to accomplish all of their business communications with one service in a cohesive experience. They’re looking to simplify.

Porting is important.

We didn’t want to wait to launch Switch.co until we were finished implementing number porting, but it’s clear this is a must-have for many companies. Printed business cards, spent advertising money on 1-800 numbers, or just the hassle of notifying people that contact information has changed are reasons enough to not want to give up existing phone numbers. We definitely understand this pain. Looking ahead, we have some exciting features in the pipeline. Porting is a big one -- it’s coming in the next few weeks!

A special thanks….

Thank you to our first beta customers (happy 1 month!!) and to everyone who has expressed interest in Switch.co so far. Seeing excitement around something we’ve worked hard on makes it all worthwhile, and pushes us to continue to innovate to make something really cool and really useful for you. We’re working fast to make Switch.co available to everyone, but in the meantime, sign up for our wait list -- we’re letting new Google Apps companies in each day.

(Hint: Tweet us to get let into the private beta after you sign up on the wait list! @switchco).   

One other thing we’ve learned from the first month is that Switch.co is more relevant now than ever. The amount of signups in just the first week of launch and the conversations we’ve had with customers have showed us what we’re working on is really going to fill a huge gap in people’s workday.  We couldn’t be more excited to have you on board!  

Thanks for all of the support so far,

The Switch.co Team

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