Switch.co customer highlight: CoachArt

CoachArt is a nonprofit organization dedicated to matching chronically-ill children and their siblings with volunteers who want to share their passions in the arts and athletics. Together, CoachArt and their volunteers give children the opportunity to participate in both one-on-one and group activities, including in-home lessons and CoachArt clubs.

"One in six young people have a chronic illness. In under-resourced communities, this number increases to one in five children. These young people don't often have the chance to participate in traditional sports clubs, so CoachArt's clubs gives our children a chance to be a part of that team," explained CoachArt Executive Director, Dr. Kara Allen Soldati. "Through our adaptive programming, we strive to provide a transformational learning community for children and families impacted by chronic illness."

Founded in 2001, CoachArt began its mission in Los Angeles with the support of local children’s hospitals and community organizations, and have since expanded to the San Francisco Bay. Now, nearly 2,000 children and 1,500 volunteers are involved in CoachArt, and the team receives donations from Community Program Partners in the form of lessons, activity spaces, supplies, and scholarships.

Kara and the rest of the 16-person CoachArt team operate out of the two regional offices, with many of the team members working remotely a couple of times a week. With a spread-out team dynamic and a tight nonprofit budget, CoachArt needed to streamline their communication practices between offices and with partners.

“When I started at CoachArt in May, we worked to find the places where we were spending on operations when we could have been spending on programs,” said Kara. “Utilizing valuable resources on tools that no longer met our team's needs wasn't effective, and, in an effort to create a band aid, we used valuable time and resources that everyone wanted to spend directly on our program.”

CoachArt’s Development Project Manager (and resident tech guru), John Karlo Torres is working alongside Kara to improve the technology that CoachArt uses. During this transition period, John Karlo discovered Switch.co. The Google Apps for Work integration was what initially drew him to our product, and he quickly signed up to join the beta. After a short pilot, the entire CoachArt team got on board.

“For a number of different reasons, Switch.co meets the needs of our organization,” said John. “I really like the integration it has with Google, and the cost-effectiveness of the product has been a big selling point as a nonprofit.”

At Switch.co, we believe that every company deserves to have a phone system for their business, no matter how big or small. Cost, difficulty getting set up, and poor quality should not stand in the way of being productive at work and giving your team a professional face. We built our products to simplify the business phone experience and make it easy to use and accessible to anyone.

Switch.co really just kind of played into the new way of doing things.

At just $15 per employee, per month (and no confusing contracts or bills!), Switch.co is saving the CoachArt team $4,000 a year. That’s enough to fund two of their eight-week CoachArt clubs. As a fast-paced and quickly-growing nonprofit, saving time is equally as important to saving money. Switch.co helps to keep daily phone calls at CoachArt organized and efficient.

“Switch.co really just kind of played into the new way of doing things. Being able to see all of our calls and history right in front of us is powerful, especially for our Program Coordinators who are reaching out to families all day via email,” said John. “We can pull up records related to our call with less back end work. We have greater and easier access to information we need, which inevitably frees up time for the more valuable, high impact work we do as a team.”

Kara and John want to introduce new technologies that will help their team accomplish what they’ve set out to do, so that more time is spent doing the work that makes their mission come to life, and less work trying to figure out systems that are broken.

“Switch.co has quickly become a resource that makes our job better, faster, easier, and more efficient.”

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