Sports ticketing app Gametime is expanding to 45 markets with the help of

Update: as of January 14, 2015 Switch launched out of beta to the public. 

With the first week of the beta underway, we’ve had the chance to get to know our initial customers and we’re excited to see how our new product is going to help them with all the awesome things they’re working on. is a great tool for small, growing companies that want to look professional, without having to invest in an expensive phone systems. It gives your company and team members business phone numbers so you can still communicate across whatever devices you want, while looking professional at an affordable price.

One of our first beta customers, Gametime, is a San Francisco-based startup working on an app that lets sports fans in 21 different markets purchase last minute game tickets without the hassle of having to print them out. With a recent new round of funding, Gametime is planning to expand its staff and eventually reach 45 markets. The growing company was looking for a way to connect with each other, partners, and customers, without having to hand out their personal phone numbers connected to their mobile devices.

“Like many startups, we’re all operating on our own devices, but having to give out our cell phone numbers to business contacts was not optimal,” says Andy Anderson, Gametime’s VP of Business Development. “There was always a need for something like, and now more than ever, we want to be able to represent the company with a more professional face.”

The Gametime team uses Google Apps for Work to stay connected via Gmail, and often collaborates on Drive. With its heavy Google integrations, seemed like a perfect fit.

“The ability to pull up recent Docs and check back at our last Gmail interactions is super useful. It’s great to add that context to a conversation without even having to leave the app,” says Andy. 

By operating in the cloud, simplifies the business phone experience and makes call controls simple and relevant again. Transfer calls between departments and team members, record conversations, add a third person for a three-way call, and actually understand how to check your missed messages with a visual voicemail inbox.  

“I think what’s most exciting to our team is the ‘plug and play’ nature of,” explains Andy. “To be able to get setup quickly and do things that you wouldn’t be able to do on an old-school, traditional phone system, with a click, is really compelling.”


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