Tip roundup: the Switch.co mobile apps

Update: Google Calendar and LinkedIn integrations are now available. 

Since most of us rely heavily on our mobile phones during our workday, creating an awesome mobile experience with Switch.co was important. Our engineers worked hard to build features that would make our users feel just as productive working from their mobile phones as they would in front of their computer at their desk. We’re dedicating this week’s tip roundup to our iOS and Android apps.

Here are some of their features that are unique to Switch.co:


Get context on-the-go with social Caller ID

The Switch.co integrations with Google Drive and Gmail (Google Calendar, Twitter, and LinkedIn coming soon!) give your conversations context from wherever you are. Whether you have an important sales call and want to pull up the email with your meeting agenda, or you’re meeting with a coworker and need to reference the Doc you’ve recently been working on together, all of that information is at your fingertips.


Carry your company directory with you

We love the BYOD work style, but it can complicate things when you need to get ahold of people in your company. Unless you save every co-worker’s business and cell phone number in your phone, it’s a hassle trying to reach them. The Switch.co mobile apps sync your complete Google Apps company directory, so you can easily have all of your team’s contact information handy when you need it.


Pick your outbound Caller ID with Android

Our Android app gives you the option to place a call through Switch.co or through your phone’s native dialer, letting you pick which number shows up on Caller ID. That way, your friends will see calls from your cell number, and your boss will see you calling from your business number -- all from the same phone.  

Set your business phone to Do Not Disturb mode

Stepping into a meeting? Put your Switch.co phone number on Do Not Disturb, and set a timer for when you want to make yourself available again.  All calls will go straight to voicemail in the meantime to avoid interrupting the meeting with your phone constantly ringing.

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