The most terrifying phone calls

In preparation for our Halloween party, we watched some classic horror movies for a little costume inspiration.  Whether it’s a getaway to an isolated cabin in the woods, the power going out, or splitting up with a zombie in the house, horror movie clichés still make us jump. Every. Time.

And because we spend all day, everyday thinking about phones here, our favorite cliché is undoubtedly the ominous phone call (that you definitely should not answer). While some of the most terrifying phone calls happen on screen, they also happen in real life, too.

When you mix your personal number with your business number, it can get scary. Here are some real-life terrifying phone situations, and how we re-wrote the scenarios with


That’s not their number.

You’re on the road and forgot something important back at the office. You need to get ahold of a co-worker to ask her to bring it, but you don’t have her phone number. And, you’re driving. And you have an army of zombies chasing after you.

What happens with The company directory gives you access to the contact info for everyone in your company, on all of your devices. Forget about having to track down phone numbers while driving.


From a customer.

One of your largest customers calls you to report an issue they’re having with the product and demands to speak to a support agent immediately. You also think you see fangs in his LinkedIn photo. You need to transfer him over, but when it comes to pressing flash, entering a number, and praying you don’t hang up, you fear you might disconnect him, making him that much more upset (and thirsty).

What happens with You use search with auto-complete to select which co-worker you’d like to transfer the call to, and click. That simple.


And you’re at a Halloween party.

You’ve had some punch, the music is up and you’re having a good time.  An unknown number is calling your cell phone and since you give out your personal number for work, you can’t tell if it’s a business call or a friend letting you know they’re on their way.

What happens with You get a business phone number for your personal device, where you can set incoming calls and messages to “Do Not Disturb” mode based on when you want to be available to take work-related calls. If someone calls outside of your business hours, they’ll be sent straight to voicemail.


Seriously, you’ve probably had nightmares about this.

Your girlfriend’s name is Alexa. Your boss’ name is Alex. You accidently send a photo of you in your Tarzan costume to your boss instead of your girlfriend, and realize it right as you click “send”.

What happens with The mobile apps keep your company directory and business contacts separate from your phone’s contacts, making it hard to accidently send anything that isn’t work-related to a professional contact.

Has your desk phone ever given you a good scare? Tweet us @switchco and tell us about it. Happy Halloween!


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