Tip roundup: Google Apps edition

Update: as of January 14, 2015 Switch launched out of beta to the public. 

We've been paying close attention to incoming tweets, messages, and emails since the Switch.co Beta launch, and we're doing our best to answer all of your questions directly. We also want to take time to thank our Twitter followers for all of the love!  Here are some of our favorite tweets so far:

This brings us to our next round of weekly tips: Switch.co is the only phone system built just for Google Apps users. Here's how you can make the most of our Google integrations for your Switch.co phone. 

Calendar, Gmail, and Docs.

From Chrome, iOS, or Android you have the power to see everything you’ve been working on with your Switch.co contacts.

This is a huge win for sales and support teams. Switch’s mobile apps and web clients will show you the last Gmail messages you’ve exchanged, Docs you’ve shared, and any upcoming Calendar events you have together.


Google Hangouts are easy to initiate from any device by just clicking the video icon next to “Profile” in your chat window. Take the conversation face to face by launching a video call anytime.

Corporate Directory

No need to track down your coworker's contact information when you're not in the office with them. With Switch.co, you get an instant corporate directory synced right from your Google account.  

Single Sign On

Getting started with Switch.co is simple, thanks to the Google Apps Single Sign On. After receiving an email invite from your Google Apps admin, click "Sign In With Google," and your account is created, just like that. 

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