Switch.co's first customer: Summerland!

Update: as of January 14, 2015 Switch launched out of beta to the public. 

Launching Switch.co came with a number of celebratory moments: seeing the product come to life in the first internal release (and actually getting to use it), the minute it went live in the Chrome App Store for our Beta launch, and now, selling Switch.co to our first paying customer--Summerland.

Summerland is a Los Angeles based local food marketplace that delivers farm fresh produce to customers’ doorsteps seven days a week. In an effort to support responsible farming and deliver the best organic produce available to the community, Summerland works with up to 15 local and regional family-owned farms (depending on the season and quality of fruits and vegetables). The team tastes everything they sell in their test kitchen (we’re jealous) and makes sure to meet each producer before putting anything up in the Summerland online market, where customers can purchase speciality items like honey, nut butters, fresh eggs and bread, and more.

One thing we love so much about Summerland is their dedication to making sure their customers get fruits and vegetables within 48 hours of being picked. Providing the highest quality produce requires a whole team of people working quickly (and on-the-go) to make sure that the produce gets from the farm, to the Summerland headquarters for packaging, and then finally to each doorstep in a custom curated box, in just two days.  

“Our deliveries usually happen first thing in the morning so that our customers can enjoy their produce for breakfast, or put everything away before they start their day,” said Summerland CEO Alejandro de Castro. “We look back to the idea of the milkman delivering your milk at dawn-- it inherently tastes more fresh at that time of day.”

With a tight timeline for each Summerland box delivery, the mobile team was in need of a way to stay connected throughout the day. They were depending on one traditional “old-fashioned” office phone for the main line, while each employee used their personal phone numbers as their business numbers.  

“Given the nature of our business, all of our drivers have mobile devices. They’re always out and about, and there is a constant need to stay in touch,” explains Alejandro. We’re a team of nine, and because we’re all over the place, I had our main office line ported to one of my employee’s cell phones. She had to answer her personal cell phone with ‘Summerland, how can I help you?' It was really messy.”

Alejandro was searching for a solution that would make communication amongst his team and with customers simple and reliable. Then he came across Switch.co. The Summerland team uses Google Apps for Work for their day-to-day operations, so the fact that Switch.co works so nicely with what his team was already using gave him every reason to try it out.

“We use Google Apps for everything, which is why the transition has been really easy. I signed up the day I found Switch.  We didn’t even do the two week free trial. We signed up as paid users and everyone is really excited about it,” Alejandro said.

Summerland has now set up a Switch.co phone number for their main company line, and also set up departments for the Sales, Business Development, and Support teams -- in addition to each employee getting their own business phone number.  

“With Switch, it’s not necessarily about all of the features. It’s about the ease of use. Within a day, my company had a dedicated line and department lines,” said Alejandro. “When my teams are out  talking to local producers, they have a professional Summerland number to go along with their company email addresses. It helps legitimize our operation.”

We love hearing how our Beta customers are using Switch.co, and we can’t wait until it's available to everyone.

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