Tip roundup: the Get Set Up guide

Update: as of January 14, 2015 Switch launched out of beta to the public. 

It's been awesome to hear from our beta testers and to see the excitement around Switch.co on our social media channels in this first week of launch. We’re really looking forward to offering Switch.co (Beta) to more companies in the coming weeks!

Every week, we’ll do a few key tips to showcase what cool things Switch.co can do for you and your team. This week’s theme: Getting started. 

Get started: Departments

Switch.co equips every employee with their own business phone number. This allows everyone to communicate with clients and other team members easily. However, there are times when a call needs to be directed to a department rather than a specific person. Setting up a department in Switch.co allows one, or multiple, team members to be operators for their department.

Get started: Voicemail

With Switch.co, setting up and checking voicemail is super simple. You have the option to keep our default message or upload your own message. From your Settings menu, you’ll see how to change your voicemail. Record right there or upload an MP3 file.

Get started: Business Hours

Want to be old-fashioned and flip the ‘Open’ sign to ‘Closed’? You can do that with our business hours settings. By default, your operators will be set to receive calls 24/7. But, especially in the BYOD age, it’s important to set times that work best for you. Set your timezone and hours for each day of the week and calls received outside of this frame will go straight to voicemail. 


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