Dialpad enables you to connect everyone and work everywhere

Today, employees are constantly working on the go. The Cloud has enabled workers to have 24/7 access to their favorite productivity tools, and smartphones are taking this trend to the next level.

This combination has given today’s workforce unparalleled flexibility. Modern workers are no longer tied to any one location—they’re able to achieve high levels of efficiency from just about anywhere.  

Here at Dialpad, our goal is to make it easy to work productively, no matter where you are in the world. Today, we’re happy to announce the addition of some amazing new mobility features, designed for your on the go workforce:

  • Mobile VoIP
  • MMS & Group Messaging
  • The New Android Mobile App

Mobile VoIP

You can now enjoy the option of choosing between two mobile networks—making calls over VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or over the carrier network. There are a number of situations where making VoIP calls can come in handy, including when you’re trying to:

  • Make calls in weak cell locations
  • Bypass carrier minute charges
  • Eliminate international calling rates

MMS & Group Messaging

Now, in addition to SMS and instant messaging, Dialpad users can enjoy more flexibility during internal and external communications with MMS & group messaging:  

  • Easily message groups or select sets of individuals or teams on the fly
  • Add and remove recipients
  • Send text, video, or pictures

You’re not restricted to communications with Dialpad users only. With SMS and MMS messages, you can communicate and collaborate with anyone, anywhere.  

Messaging features are completely free as part of your Dialpad account. Standard mobile carrier fees may apply.

A New Look: The Android Mobile App

At Dialpad, we take a people-first approach to user experience design. Dialpad should not only be as easy as possible to use, but also a delight for our customers. Our new mobile user interface design for Android delivers on that promise. The new design brings you:

  • One-tap access to add contacts or initiate calls and messages
  • Streamlined active call views
  • Tap-to-dial from search
  • Improved handling of new contacts

To learn more about using these new mobile features, head over here for Mobile VoIP and here for MMS & Group Messaging.

For a full features breakdown of Dialpad, get the inside scoop here.

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