Evaluating a new business phone system: 5 things to consider

The way we work is changing, and as our communications expand across platforms like email, instant messaging, and video, voice still remains an essential part of business.

If your company has already moved your email and file storage to the cloud, your phone system is ready to make the transition, too.

Finding the business phone system that makes this transition for you and for your team as smooth as possible is a project that ultimately impacts the success of your business. As the IT leader for your company, you’ll want a system that can be deployed and managed easily as your business grows, and for your end-users, a system that will be simple to use and compatible with the way they work.

When evaluating cloud phone systems, here is a list of must-haves to consider:

Call Quality

Don’t compromise your system’s call quality. It can make or break a sale, look unprofessional to existing customers, and make it hard for your team to get things done. Ensure the system you choose has reliable and consistent call quality.

  • Is the solution’s telephony infrastructure reliable?
  • How was it designed?  Does it take advantage of the latest technologies like WebRTC and HD calling?
  • Can the platform scale to meet your company’s needs now, and in the future?

Ease of Administration

Implementing and maintaining your company’s phone system can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. Moving telephony to a newer, cloud-based solution can enable admins to set up and manage everything easily through the web. The solution you choose for your company should free up your time to work on higher value-add projects.  

  • What is the implementation process? How much time does a typical deployment process take?
  • Are you going to need to hire someone to come out and put a piece of equipment in your office?  Will you need a consultant to do porting and other setup activities?
  • How is your team’s business process going to be impacted, and does that actually deliver value to you?
  • Will the system be able to support your company as it scales?
Moving to Dialpad was an easy decision for us ... being able to manage our phone system for all of our offices in one web interface has saved us countless time and thousands of dollars.
— Stéphane Donzé, CEO, AODocs

Mobility of your workers

Consider whether or not your team needs a piece of hardware at their desks or if they are going to need a phone solution that supports mobility. The system should provide better access to the information you need and the ability to call, SMS, or instant message colleagues to get answers quickly.

  • How do people access the system? Will it be on their computer, on mobile, or do they need a physical phone at their desk?
  • Are mobile calling features truly a first-class citizen of the product?
  • How will the system change your company’s culture?


Deploying a cloud-based phone solution should eliminate the need for onsite technical support, but for the times when you do need support, make sure it’s accessible.

  • Is there a need for onsite support or training?
  • What is the support coverage in terms of hours and time zones?
  • Does the system offer chat, email, and phone support? What is the average time to response?


Look for a provider with straight-forward honest pricing—this will not only save your company money, but make your job as the admin easier, too. You should be able to predict what your bill is going to look like at the end of each month.

  • Is the pricing model pay-as-you-go or under contract? Is the carrier charging by the minute?
  • Will you be able to add and remove lines freely without penalty?
  • What (if any) penalties will you face if you want to cancel your service?


Dialpad is built in the cloud and is integrated with Google Apps to provide a cohesive unified communications experience. One of our Dialpad sales reps would be happy to go over these questions with you! Get in touch by sending a note to sales@dialpad.com or calling 844-9-SWITCH.

We’ll walk you through the product and get you started with a 14-day free trial so you can evaluate whether or not Dialpad fits in with your company’s technology plan.

Dialpad is the phone system designed for the way you work