Get better customer insight with UberConference & Salesforce

Using relevant information about your customer as a core part of sales engagement results in more successful sales calls. However, 64% of senior executives believe that the salesperson does not know enough about their buyer’s business to bring any value to a meeting.

Salesforce Integration

To address this pain point, we’re excited to announce our integration with Salesforce to provide richer context for your sales calls.

The new integration expands the social profile capabilities in UberConference to include Salesforce information. Now, when you hover over a participant and click on their social profile during an UberConference, you’ll have access to the participant’s company information on Salesforce. It will also show you what stage of the sales cycle they’re in—whether it’s a lead, an opportunity or an already existing contact.

Social_Profile (1).png

The integration can help you ask relevant questions during a call to close more sales. When you’re done with the call, your conference summary will automatically be logged in Salesforce, providing you with an instant record of the interaction. Recent findings from SiriusDecisions indicate that providing industry and business expertise is four times more valuable than knowing about the product you’re selling. By providing expertise through insight and business information that’s readily available on your call, you can build trust among leads and strengthen your relationships with contacts.

UberConference Salesforce AppExchange App

The AppExchange app allows you to start a conference call directly from Salesforce. Using both UberConference & Salesforce within a single window, it’s much easier to reach out to teams and customers to start meetings, saving you the hassle of manually navigating between multiple platforms when you’re on a call. 

At UberConference, our goal is to make sure you consistently have great conference calls. Most recently with Hubspot, and now with Salesforce, we’re continuing to integrate tools you use everyday at work to make the right information accessible, and your conferences more productive overall.

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